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At CommWest your Business Communications is our Business. We will work with you to build a phone system to make sure you are connected when and where you want to be. Whether your business needs simple PBX, SIP, or VoIP phone system or to connect multiple offices with several PBX featured systems, our products and services can meet your company's needs.

Business Hosted, SIP VoIP & PBX

CommWest can provide customized solutions for your needs, from business phone systems to more deluxe Hosted, VoIP, SIP or PBX systems. As an authorized dealer for several leading manufacturers of Business Communications Solutions, we are able to provide you quality implementation and support. 

The manufacturers we work with are:

  • Mitel 
  • Samsung 
  • Tadiran 
  • WorldSmart – a hosted solution and is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions

These manufacturers are leaders in the industry, providing phone and PBX systems with features incorporating SIP, VoIP, Unified Communications, wireless, mobility, analog and digital technologies for your business - small or large.

Older Phone System

If your business has an older system and you can't find anyone to work on it or you are being told by your current vendor that the phone system needs to be replaced, contact CommWest. We have access to parts and are able to work on a number of other phone systems, including Vodavi, ATT, and Comdial. Whether you have a PBX, VoIP, or SIP system, large or small, WE CAN HELP. Let us take a look and, if we are not able to resolve your phone problem, we will advise you of options at NO CHARGE.