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Risks of running your business on an OLD phone system

on Tuesday, 08 March 2016. Posted in CommWest Blog

This is an article that we came across that we as a phone company have to deal with quite a bit. Customers have a phone system that is working. It has been on their desks for years, nothing has changed so why would it break? Then when it does break it costs your company money due to not being able to answer your customers calls. When your first line of communications is your phone system dont you want to protect your investment and update it as often as possible so you dont have any down time? Read the article below and let us know if this has happened to you or is happening right now and then give us a call!!!

Backup your Data

on Tuesday, 31 March 2015. Posted in CommWest Blog

World Backup Day is March 31st! This doesn’t relate to backing up your vehicle, but backing up your data equipment. So the question is: Do you have a backup plan? If so, how long has it been since you have checked your data backup?  Data is something that is taken for granted up to the moment you don’t have it. Business is driven by computers and the data that they have, thus the importance of backing up that data. But keep in mind the needs of your business whether you do onsite, offsite or both.

What is a backup?

A backup is a copy of specific files such as documents, spreadsheets, emails and pictures. An entire hard drive can even be backed up.

Where can you backup to?

You can backup to either a second drive on your PC, an external drive or to a server. Depending on the data, you can even backup to the cloud. It is recommended that you save your backups to an offsite location. Some people put their backup drive in a safety deposit box at a bank or in a fireproof safe at their house.

How frequently should data be backed up?

Backups can be done daily, weekly, monthly and drives can be swapped every day, week or month depending on how critical the data is.